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  1. Manesh Mathew


    This is only an enquiry about the availabilty of text books for the subject production engineering
    (in the petroluem engineering field)



  2. nizamuddin

    This is the amazing site,which i did’nt get is useful for all engineers who are willing to study through computer. All u hav to do is to download ur subject wise is very useful site & it is not even taking our pleasant time it is just one click download. I hav use this site I realize that its good site …….. so enjoy learning ……….keep in touch with this site ..thank U

  3. Sikander Soomro

    Very good site for every engineer, thank you for providing this type of service
    And please suggest the book for
    “Manufacturing Technology”


  4. wasabisoup

    wonderful website, thanks alot… everyone behind this is really of great help… keep up and more power! GODSPEED.

  5. AKASH

    Thanks i didnt experienced like this site for science and technoloy downloads lot of books make it up
    we will always with u thanku vey much

  6. faruk

    great job for uniting the engineering world,a goo meeting point of all engineers of the world.more grease to your elbows.

  7. jagadeesh

    Please send me the link of cad cam & robotices & Organisation management text book web address of diploma 5th & 6th sem subject.

  8. Vikrant Arora

    I would like to know whether these books are sufficient to attain a max. knowledge regarding a particular topic and nothing beyond this is possible for an undergrad student.

  9. Sumit

    awesome site for engineering books
    but this magazine subscription service is a bit slow.
    still its fine :)

  10. krishna

    Dear sir / Medam,

    Presently i am working as a mechanical engineer, i would like to prepare the compitative exams but i dont have books,
    Please let me know the how to get lin of free downloadble for themal engineering book with pdf format


  11. Nikhila

    awesome content of textbooks available,but it will be more comfortable if books on automobile engineering topics also there,can anyone suggest any book for automobile engineering….

  12. jakshesh

    Dear sir,
    thanks…………its really good site for eng.
    i would like to inform you that i am searching a book for designing pipeline.
    e.g. calculation of pipe size,head,pressure,power of pump,frictin losses.
    pl. do needful in this subject.
    give me rply as soon as possible

  13. Prakash Patil

    Dear sir,
    I would like to inform you dat I am Searching a book for Designing Pumps,
    Ex-Pressure,Calculation of pipe size,power of pump,friction losses,
    Pls sir reply me as soon as possible..

    Thanking you,

    (Mr.Prakash Patil)

  14. Ashish Awalgaonkar

    Excellent Site ………..!!!!!!!!!

    I am currently working in Diesel Engine Power plant field… Would you please provide it’s design related books and also regarding Piping…

  15. manishmalia

    plz….tell me about mechanical engineer & scop of mechanical engineering all industry … plz…..send me your thought ..

  16. Ivan

    please, suggest me about some mechanical engineering books which can help me to learn about the following topics:-

    1.How energy can be saved in different types of welding process.
    2.How Environmental pollution can be reduced during different types of welding process.

    ….this is very very needed for my project and please help me as early as possible….

  17. yaser


    1- more than 120 tutorial flash animation for better understanding the electrical engineering concept
    2- video trainings for electrical engineering’s software such as multisim ,ess , matlab and more
    3- electromechanical system simulator
    4- matlab sources codes
    5- control engineering tutorials
    6- electrical engineering’s lab handout
    7- fun circuits
    8- and more

  18. Rupinder Singh

    Sir, I am (mechanical engg.) final year student. I have to submit project report on topic “Pneumatic Crane”. Please send me matter regarding this.

  19. shashikumar

    respected sir , and dear friends , am studying MTech in thermal, i need thermal books ,so would i get following books to me mail ,
    1.Foundations of fluid mechanics – S.W. Yuan, Prentice all of India, 1976.
    2.Engineering Fluid Mechanics – P.A. Aswatha Narayana & K.N. Seetharamu, , Narosa publications, 2005.
    and i want prepare for net exam so would you please suggest materials for study
    thanking you sir

  20. piyush patel

    i like your website.very much
    i am mechanical eng. in chemical plant

    please,send me a mechanical project,sheet metal cutting formula,bearings,design,plant maintenance books etc.

    thanks and regards
    piyush patel


    please, send me a fabrication design engg. book. in which all type formula should be there related to design

  22. mohammed al hashemi

    whaaaat with a wonderful mechanical website!.you know ?
    if i were studying the mechanical engineering i will be very happy having gained these e-books
    from this magneficent site.nevertheless,there are some notes i wish to tell the management of
    this site :
    1-the way used for downloading books has to be changed,for that users can get their books
    downloaded fast,i mean by the download way (links way).i’m certain that if the management tried
    to provide direct downloading of books,this will help more.
    2-there are no mechanical engineering (statics and dynamics)references.
    3-translated to arabic language-books.
    thank you for this fantastic encyclpedia of mechanical engineering site.

  23. raviteja

    this site is useful for mech engg they get the lot of information

    pls some one upload the standard book like rk jain and raputh

  24. Subodh kumar

    Dear sir,

    presently i m doing & in 4th sem. so can u tell wat is the best thing to do after comleting it….

  25. sai krishna

    sir ,
    i am sai krishna , i am studying Mechanical engineering in Hyd , said me how to prepare to get 75% of get , which books prefer to read

  26. Hussien Ali

    dear all
    please can any body support me by send to us.
    handbook as show below
    NDT handbook V1 , V2, V3
    SNT-TC-1A 2006 book

  27. Gilbert

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Im a student on Engineering college,Im looking for free downloadable site on engineering books with pdf supportable.


    Please advice me the best book for material Science & Engg. and also for free downloadable site on engineering books with pdf supportable

  29. Abdul Qayyum Arain

    Please advice me the best book for material Science & Engg. and also for free downloadable site on engineering books with pdf supportable

  30. Abdul Qayyum Call 03012279202

    Presently i am working as a mechanical engineer, but i dont have books,
    Please let me know the how to get lin of free downloadble for themal engineering book with Ms.Word format
    please send me a e-mail id

  31. Adnan Bashir

    hi dear,
    Presently i am working as a mechanical engineer,
    plz send me the best book of mechanical engineering with pdf formate to improve my knowledge.

  32. bayu

    @admin : i have some e-book about piping engineering based on ASME & API RP.
    just help me shared the e-book to this website. thx.

  33. Young

    Complete book of mechanical engineering (R K BANSAL OR KHURMI OR RAJPUT )with objective questions to prepare for Competitive exams.. PLZ Send me ASAP.. i got placement examssssss

  34. devendra

    Hi, i am devendra
    i wanted to study energy conservation in boilers,compressors,cooling towers is their any website for related.

  35. s v v r prasad

    hi,i am prasad. i liked this site very much..i completed b.tec..i need mechanical book for competitive exams..can please any one send it ..

  36. sourabh chavan

    hi,i am sourabh
    i want thermal engineering by r.s.khurmi.
    can any send it to me by mail……..

  37. Sandip Das

    Dear Sir/Madam/Frnds,

    I am doing Mtech in Advance Production Systems and required a projects on Production . Plz help me by giving projects or any kind of idea.

    With Regarsd

    Sandip Das

  38. zubeir

    in this era books r my pole star..let me have to come out with my stisfaction ..if u help me out…internATIONAL RECOGNISED AUTHORS BOOK FOR MECHANICAL RESEARCHES IN THERMAL, ENERGY CONVERSION

  39. gaurav

    respected, i’m persuing my engg. in mechanical n currently in final year & need r.k. jain book of mechanical engineering. i’ll be highly obliged to you.



    I am student of M.E (Thermal engineering). i need a book of FUEL AND COMBUSTION , OR COMBUSTION ENGINEERING of any author. plz send me as soon as possible



  42. rahul

    hey sir i want “Thermal Performance of Crossflow Microchannel Heat Exchangers” by Haishan Cao, Guangwen Chen* and Quan Yuan can you get that for me please

  43. harami ali

    i am a gradaute in mech.engr i want to write my technical report writting for my professional education
    kindly send me any book related to carburetor system.thanks

  44. Valentina Necheva

    Hi, I need some materials for HVAC systems in cinema halls. I need some especially for ventilation systems and for air distributin systems.Please mail me on
    Thanks in advance

  45. Nanjundappa.G.M.

    I am a BSc graduate & a sales professional(selling construction equipments). I want know the basics of Engine, Transmission, Hydraulic system & other automobile related things.Please mail me on
    Thanks in advance

    1. Tushar

      As far for you , its sufficient for you to learn it through Layman Language . I can only state you some of the terms which I know , If anything is left out , you can reply me or ask me again .

      Machine – Any device which produces work.
      Mechanism – a system of rigid elements (linkages) arranged and connected to transmit motion in a predetermined fashion.
      Engine – It is a device which takes in some input power from any source and required to provide the necessary output work. For example , it can take in electrical power or electricity as a feed to drive any of its mechanical components.
      Petrol Engine – A type of engine which uses petrol as a fuel and used to drive the vehicle whose speed can be varied.
      Diesel Engine – An engine which uses diesel as a fuel and used to drive the vehicle whose speed cannot be varied , means used for running in constant motions .
      Transmission – provides speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device using gear ratios. In simple terms , we can say that it is kind of belt drive or chain drive which is used to transfer power from source to the part where it is required . For example , we can see in bicycles , power is driven from pedal(source) connected via shaft to chain and then from chain it is transferred to back wheel connected via other shaft .
      Internal Combustion Engine – A kind of engine used to generate power by burning of fuel inside chamber .
      Torque Converter – a fluid coupling that is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine or electric motor, to a rotating driven load. Same thing as transmission but advanced .
      Hydraulic System – a drive or transmission system that uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to drive hydraulic machinery. The term hydrostatic refers to the transfer of energy from flow and pressure, not from the kinetic energy of the flow(fluid will be at rest).
      Pneumatic System – same work as above but with the help of pressurized gas instead of fluid .

  46. Alexander

    As for a mechanical student there are lots of choices on basis of the requirment in the company.if suppose for productiön i would like to suggest a fully design material book may be the best useful book along with course is essential.for air conditioning hvac course,most of the aboard companies demand a candidate must have some additional courses like piping & design ,hydrolic system,steam plants, transmission system even for a marrien engineer these courses are useful salary pakage starts 8 lac per annam.qualification be/dme plus additional courses like all mentioned above and a basis knowledge of ship,ocean.oceanic wheather, fluid pneamatics etc. Wish u all the best greeting in the name of the lord jesus christ to get success.may the god of peace be with u all amen.

  47. paul

    i need a book on automobile technology that explains the forces acting on a vehicle in motion and the effects of the brake system.

  48. Genaro

    I’m making a thesis about on “Modeling Electro-statistically” but i don’t know where or what is the topic is all about can anyone help meplss

  49. Mechanical books-elementary to high level

    Iam mechanic in diesellocomotive for fifteen years old and I got elementary course of diesel loco in 1996, now Iam looking for engineering course even online becouse in our country doesnt exist such aerea of study…

  50. Alex Agyemang

    I have found this your site very facinating and interesting. keep it up because though am offering advance in mechanical engineering really dont have books to help me.
    Thanks for your wonderful you doing.

  51. abhimanyu

    hi i am a mechanical student… I need welding book by davis… I need some answers but am not able to find it in any book… My teacher suggested me this book but am not able to find it in an store or library… Plz if u can help me… Thanks…

  52. ravi

    hi i’m graduate. i need some two wheeler &four wheeler details for using recent days. pls help my profession. if can u able abt that details. thanks..

  53. Chris Hope

    I am seeking a manual or book which can explain metallurgical manufacturing techniques for separating lead and silver. Any ideas where to look

  54. Hardik bhalsod

    Dear sir,it will be more helpful if you put books related steel types ,different types of steel,its grade,and tensile strength and shear strength of different graded steel

  55. arshad ayub

    this is one of the best site for the engineering students. this is very helpful site for welding. but sir please update “strength of materials”. parts.
    competitive books for indian engineering services.

  56. ATIF

    Handbook of wear debris analysis and particle detection in liquids By Trevor M. Hunt

    i am in badly need of this book

  57. imran firdousi

    I am M-tech in mechanical engineering working as Assistant Executive Engineer in J& K U.E.E.Department.At present I require pump hand book by Karrasik or anyother relevant and standard book of hydraulic system design and centrifugal pump design at an earliest.
    Thank you

  58. lateef

    I am a mechanical engineer/safety engineer.please i have an interview based on my career.Please which book can guide me through.

  59. lateef

    please help i need some manual on basic engine,diesel engine,gasoline engine and gas turbine engine.thank you.

  60. Greg McGlathery


    My name is Greg McGlathery, and I am currently serving the United States in Iraq. When my tour is finished, or perhaps even before, I would like to start educating myself with M.E. Since my education (up to BA) will be paid for by the Army, I am wondering what would be my best course of action to prepare myself for such. Any help you may give me, such as must-read material, or just something to help me along the way, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, and I will check back!

  61. Manish verma

    hi, i m mech. B.E. Student from dimat college,csvtu university. I want to engg 3sem books name of books with writter
    1.fluid mechanics(R.k.Rajput),
    2.strength of materials(R.k.Rajput),
    3.material science(O.P.khanna)
    5.Electronics & instrumentation.

  62. eric minta-asare

    Hi, I want to know what mechanism ergonomic chairs manufacturers use in adjusting the height of the chair. So I’ll be grateful if you could recommend a book or provide me links to sites that can help me with this. Thanks
    Best Regards.

  63. Abdul qadir

    i am Abdul qadir i am student of Bs Technology(Mechanical)
    i want these books which are as under
    F.L.S Strength of materials

    Thermodynamics an engineering approach by Yunus cengel

    Applied physics for scientist and engineers by serway & jewett


  64. Lateef

    I am a graduating mechanical engineering student from the University of Ilorin. I need an e-book that that treats the various designs and construction processes of different kind of renewable energy equipment and the principles of operations.

  65. arsenfolu

    Dear friends, i am a Mech Eng. undergraduate student please i would like to have some engineering textbooks that deals with aeronautics and also books that deals with my discipline. Thanks.

  66. Manu

    Is there any site where I can get free material related to mechanical engineering.
    If some one have e-books in any subject of mechanical engineering then please send me on my mail id.
    Manu (

  67. Ankush

    i am first year student of T.I.E.I.T , Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
    i want e book on basic mechanical engineering .
    writer : – p.k.nag

  68. Ankit Shrivastav

    Hi I am student of JDCT college, LNCT group RGPV, I am in 4 sem and I need BOok of thermodynamics by R K Rajput And BOok of fluid Mechnics by R S khurmi. Please tell me the link from where I candownload it.

    Mobile num. 8817699320

  69. Mangesh Mhatre

    hi i am a student of ytcem college currently studying in se sem 4….if u could plz send me a link from where i can download the book named thermal engineering by r k rajput would be quiet helpful..thank you

  70. teju

    sir , can i get the e-books required for mechanical 3rd year second semister form jntu…
    the list of the subjects are
    1.finite element methods
    2.industrial management
    3.heat transfer of machine members
    5.automobile engg.
    6.refrigeration an air conditioning…

    please do reply as soon as possible…
    thank you

  71. isaac

    hi,i’m isaac in my 2nd year now,i want a text of strength of materials,pls which link can i download it.thanks sir

  72. mohd.zaim

    hi i zaim student of machanical second year and want to download book “machine design”by n.d. bhatt

  73. daniel

    I need a textbook:

    Thermoelectrics: Basic Principles and New Materials Developments
    by George S. Nolas, Jeffrey Sharp, H. J. Goldsmid


  74. lakhan

    hi.. i am lakhan patidar, professor in mechanical branch SIRT-E Bhopal. i need a textbook:
    operation research by s kalavathi or taha or sd sharma or jk sharma

  75. Eze ben

    Pls am a student of esut studying mech. Engr, i need a textbook that clarely explain hw to balance multicylinder engine in automotive engine. Thanks

  76. mukesh

    hi, i m mech. B.TECH. Student from HBTI KANPUR. I want to engg books name of books with writter
    1.fluid mechanics and hydaulic machines(R.k.bansal),
    2.strength of materials(R.k.Rajput),
    3.thermal engineering ( r.s.khurmi),
    4.heat transfer and mass transfer (R.k. rajput)
    5.production technology (amitbha ghosh & malik)

  77. arunreddy

    can u plz upload these 3-1sem materals
    1)managerial economics&financial analysis
    2)metrology& surface engineering
    3)dynamics of machinery
    4)machine tools
    5)design of machine members-1
    6)applied thermodynamics-2.

  78. Essoua

    Hello Everyone, this is a very good website. Please I’m looking for books on engineering design with the use of TRIZ method.

  79. akshay kmr

    i am 3rd semester student of mechanical engg. and i gave strength of material ebook (RGPV,BHOPAL SYLLABUS & acc. to rgpv)

  80. Jay

    I need a textbook:

    Engineering Materials: Properties and Selection (9th Edition) by Kenneth G. Budinski , Michael K. Budinski


  81. HaithamBazi

    Hello there i am looking for Modern machining process for pandey and shan tata mcgraw hill 2000 Book Please if any one can help


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