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Design of Pile Foundations


by Filed under civil engineering

Design of Pile Foundations

File : pdf, 2.2MB, 186 pages



Structural and Geotechnical Coordination
Design Considerations
Nature of Loadings
Foundation Material
Identification and Evaluation of Pile
Field Responsibilities for the Design Engineer
Subsurface Conditions
Pile Instrumentation

Subsurface Investigations and Geology
Laboratory and Field Testing
Foundation Modification
Ground-Water Studies
Dynamic Considerations
Pile Load Test
Selection of Shear Strength Parameters

Design Criteria
Pile Capacity
Pile Group Analysis
Design Procedure
Special Considerations

Construction Practices and Equipment
Pile Driving Studies
Control of Pile Driving Operations
Results of Corps Experiences
As-Built Analysis
Field Evaluation

Decision Process
Axial Load Test
Monotonic Lateral Load Test

Download : pdf1


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  1. Neveen says:

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  33. Abdul-razaq Adamu Girei says:

    i am a graduate of civil engineering with 4 yrs working experiencw and i wish to write my engineering report for my ENGR. title on design and construction of pile foundations, i will be very happy if u can send a copy of ur book so as to study and prepare a better report for the title and examinations.

  34. rafa says:

    je cherche un logicielle pilate pour calcul un pieu isolé sur charge horizontale statique ,au une autre logicielle basée sur modèle de winkler (les ressorts élasto-plastiques)

  35. sharat saha says:

    what will be the depth of pile if its dia is 300mm & vertical load is 5 ton

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