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Power Plant Acoustics


Power Plant Acoustics


File : pdf, 3.4 MB, 97 pages


Purpose and scope
General contents
Typical problems of uncontrolled noise

Contents of chapter
General procedure
Sound level criteria
Vibration criteria
Indoor sound distribution
Outdoor sound propagation
Reciprocating engine noise data
Gas turbine engine noise data
Data forms
Other noise sources

Engine noise control
Noise escape through an outdoor wall
Reactive mufflers for reciprocating engines
Dissipative mufflers
Ventilation duct lining
Vibration isolation of reciprocating engines
Vibration isolation of turbine engines
Vibration isolation of auxiliary equipment
Use of hearing protection devices
Nondisturbing warning and paging systems
Quality of analysis procedure

Summary of examples
Example of an on-grade gas or diesel engine installation
Example of an on-grade packaged gas turbine generator plant
Summary and conclusions

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