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Concrete Repair


by Filed under civil engineering

Concrete Repair


File : pdf, 996 KB, 99 pages


1 Introduction
1.1. Scope
1.2. Objective
1.3. References

2 Selection of Repair Materials
2.1. Description

3 Concrete Pavement
3.1. Description and Composition
3.2. Properties and Behavior

4 Full-Depth Repair of Pavements
4.1. Purpose
4.2. Need for Full-Depth Repair
4.3. Selection or Repair Boundries
4.4. Sawing of Repair Boundries
4.5. Removal of Existing Concrete
4.6. Subgrade and Base Preparation
4.7. Dowel and Tiebar Placement
4.8. Replacing Reinforcement
4.9. Expansion Joints
4.10. Filler Material
4.11. Dowels
4.12. Concrete Placement
4.13. Concrete Finishing and Texturing
4.14. Curing
4.15. Joint Sealing

5 Partial-Depth Repair of Pavements
5.1. Purpose
5.2. Need for Partial-Depth Repair
5.3. Selection of Repair Boundries
5.4. Removal of Existing Concrete
5.5. Cleaning
5.6. Joint Preparation
5.7. Patch Materials
5.8. Placement of Patch Materials
5.9. Finishing
5.10. Saw-cut Runouts
5.11. Sealing Patch/Slab Interface
5.12. Curing
5.13. Joint Resealing

6 Slabjacking
6.1. Purpose
6.2. Need for Slabjacking
6.3. Location of Injection Holes
6.4. Drilling Holes
6.5. Grout Mixtures
6.6. Grout Pumping
6.7. Elevation Control During Jacking
6.8. Plugging and Cleanup

7 Subsealing Jointed Concrete Pavements
7.1. Purpose of Subsealing
7.2. Void Detection
7.3. Need for Subsealing
7.4. Hole Patterns
7.5. Drilling Holes
7.6. Grout Mixtures
7.7. Grout Injection
7.8. Retesting Slab Corners
7.9. Plugging and Cleanup

8 Asphalt Undersealing
8.1. Method
8.2. Procedure

9 Diamond Grinding
9.1. Purpose of Grinding
9.2. Need for Grinding
9.3. Grinding Process
9.4. Test Section
9.5. Grinding Procedure
9.6. Acceptance Testing

10 Load-Transfer Restoration
10.1. Purpose
10.2. Need for Load-Transfer Restoration
10.3. Correction of Deficiencies
10.4. Methods of Load-Transfer Restoration
10.5. Patching Material
10.6. Placing

11 Polymer Concrete
11.1. Description
11.2. Surface Preparation
11.3. Polymer Concrete Patching Materials
11.4. Placement
11.5. Safety

12 Pavement-Edge Drain
12.1. Purpose
12.2. Need for Pavement-Edge Drainage
12.3. Drainage Systems
12.4. Subsurface Drain Functions
12.5. Subsurface Drain Materials
12.6. Subsurface Drain Installation
12.7. French Drains

Chapter 13 Heat-Resistant Concrete
13.1. Description
13.2. Exposure Time and Temperature
13.3. Aggregate Performances

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