Cathodic Protection for On Grade Storage Tanks and Buried Piping

Cathodic Protection for On Grade Storage Tanks and Buried Piping


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Full Color Image Presentation for Fresswater Spills Symposium, 2004


Why is Corrosion Control Important?
What I Will Cover….
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Regulation
Breakout Tank Piping (DOT)
State Level
Terminal Tankage
Corrosion : A Natural Process
Corrosion of Metallic Structure
Corrosion Cell on Tank Bottom
Corrosion Caused by Poor Water Drainage
New Steel Coupled to Old Steel
Galvanic Anode Cathodic Protection
Galvanic Cathodic Protection on Coated Pipeline
Cathodic Protection Test Station
Galvanic Anodes
Internal Corrosion
Conventional CP Systems for AST’s
Impressed Current Transformer Rectifier Unit
Impressed Current System
Shallow Anodes
Shallow Anodes
Directional Boring Under Existing AST
New/Refurbished AST Bottoms with or without Secondary Containment
CP Installation on Double Bottom Tank
CP Installation on Rebottomed Tank
Installation of CP System on Lifted AST
Maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems
NACE Cathodic Protection Criteria
Rim Potential Measurements
Computerized Potential Logging Survey
System Characteristics : Galvanic | Impressed
Recommended Practices

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  1. ghellai

    As electrical engineer involved in cathodic protection with international company working in algeria, i ‘ll be very gratefull to receive your cd or technical document about ; storage tank cp design .
    best regards

  2. L.Amalraj (cp inspector)

    Sir this very useful with confident results and clear explanation about
    cathdic protection to me.I am learning from ur books which is teaching as a
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    number I can send some money through speed cash.
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