Uncertainty and Dimensional Calibration

Uncertainty and Dimensional Calibration


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2.Classifying Sources of Uncertainty

3.The Generic Uncertainty Budget
3.1 Master Gage Calibration
3.2 Long Term Reproducibility
3.3 Thermal Expansion
3.3.1 Thermometer Calibration
3.3.2 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
3.3.3 Thermal Gradients
3.4 Mechanical Deformation
3.5 Scale Calibration
3.6 Instrument Geometry
3.7 Artifact Effects
3.8 Calculation of Uncertainty
3.9 Uncertainty Budgets for Individual Calibrations

4. Gage Blocks (Interferometry)
4.1 Master Gage Calibration
4.2 Long Term Reproducibility
4.3 Thermal Expansion

5. Gage Blocks (Mechanical Comparison)
5.1 Master Gage Calibration

6. Gage Wires (Thread and Gear Wires) and Cylinders

(Plug Gages)

7. Ring Gages (Diameter

8. Gage Balls (Diameter)

9. Roundness Standards (Balls, Rings, etc.)

10. Optical Flats

11. Indexing Tables

12. Angle Blocks

13. Sieves

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