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Highway Engineering Field Formulas


by Filed under civil engineering

Highway Engineering Field Formulas

File : pdf, 227 KB, 36 pages


Nomenclature for Circular Curves
circular Curve Equations
Simple Circular Curve
Degrees of Curvature to Various Radii
Nomenclature for Vertical Curves
Vertical Curve Equations
Nomenclature for Nonsymmetrical Curves
Nonsymmetrical Vertical Curve Equations
Determining Radii of Sharp Curves
Distancefrom Finished Shield to Subgrade shield and

Slope Equivalents
Areas of Plane Figures
Surfaces and Volumes of solids
Trigonometric Functions for all Quadrants
Trigonometric Functions
Right Triangle
Obliquec Triangle
Conversion Factors
Land Surveying Conversion Table
Steel Tape Temperature Corrections
Temperature Conversion
Less Common conversion Factors
Water Constants
Multiplication Factor Table
Recommended Pronunciations
Reinforced Steel

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