Measurement Evaluation

Measurement Evaluation


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1. Basic Statistical Concepts
Random variables
Population Parameters and Sample Estimates
Standard Error of the Mean
The normal distribution
Conf idence Intervals
Tolerance Intervals
Non-normal Distributions and Testsof Normality
Precision and Accuracy
The Concept of Control
Straight Line Fitting
Propagation of Errors
Sample Sizes and Compliance with Standards
Transformation of Scale
Presentation of Data and Significant Figures
Tests of Significance
Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests

2. Quality Control

3. The Control Chart
Statistical Basis for the Control Chart
Variability Between and Within Subgroups
Types of Control Charts
Preparing a Control Chart
Computing Control Limits
Control Chart for Individual Determinations
Other Types of Control Charts
Detecting Lack of Randomness
Interpreting Patterns of Variation in a Control Chart
The Control Chart as a Management Tool

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7 thoughts on “Measurement Evaluation

  1. Dr.V.S.V.Mani

    Excellent source for a variety of technical subjects. Will provide motivation for a number of engineers to understand not only their field of specialisation but also border areas!!

    1. barry

      my job is metrology.
      I need a copy of “Measurement Evaluation”.
      if is it possible for you send me this book and or other book about metrology and calibration.
      tank yoyu


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