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Statistical Concepts in Metrology


Statistical Concepts in Metrology


File : pdf, 2.64 MB, 47 pages


Statistical Concepts of a Measurement Process

Arithmetic Numbers and Measurement Numbers
Computation and Reporting of Results
Properties of Measurement Numbers
The Limiting Mean
Range, Variance, and Standard Deviation
Population and the Frequency Curve
The Normal Distribution
Estimates of Population Characteristics
Interpretation and Computation of Confidence Interval and

Precision and Accuracy
Index of Precision
Interpretation of Precision

Statistical Analysis of Measurement Data

Algebra for the Manipulation of Limiting Means and

Basic Formulas
Propagation of Error Formulas
Pooling Estimates of Variances
Component of Variance Between Groups
Comparison of Means and Variances
Comparison of a Mean with a Standard Value
Comparison Among Two or More Means
Comparison of Variances or Ranges
Control Charts Technique for Maintaining Stability and

Control Chart for Averages
Control Chart for Standard Deviations
Linear Relationship and Fitting of Constants by Least


Postscript on Statistical Graphics

Plots for Summary and Display of Data
Stem and Leaf
Box Plot
Plots for Checking on Models and Assumptions
Adequacy of Model
Testing of Underlying Assumptions
Stability of a Measurement Sequence
Concluding Remarks

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    It is also an entry of unexperienced approaches

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