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Calibration of Timer and Stopwatch


by Filed under Electrical Science

Calibration of Timer and Stopwatch


File : pdf, 904 KB, 63 pages


1. Introduction to Stopwatch and Timer Calibrations
1.A.The Units of Time Interval and Frequency
1.B. A Brief Overview of Calibrations
1.C. Traceability and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

2. Description of Timing Devices that Require Calibration
2.A. Stopwatches
2.A.1. Basic Theory of Operation
2.B. Timers
2.C. Commercial Timing Devices

3. Specifications and Tolerances
3.A. Interpreting Manufacturer’s Specifications
3.B. Tolerances Required for Legal Metrology

4.Calibration Methods
4.A. Direct Comparison Method
4.A.1.References for Direct Comparison Method
4.A.2.Calibration Procedure for Direct Comparison Method
4.B. Totalize Method
4.C. Time Base Method

5.Measurement Uncertainty
5.A.Uncertainties of Direct Comparison Method
5.A.1.Uncertainty of the Traceable Time Interval Reference
5.A.2.Uncertainty Due to Human Reaction Time
5.A.3.Device Under Test (DUT) Resolution Uncertainty
5.A.4.Uncertainty Analysis
5.B.Uncertainties of Totalize Method
5.B.1.Uncertainty of the Frequency Input
5.B.2.Uncertainty Due to Human Reaction Time
5.B.3.Uncertainty Due to the Counter
5.B.4.Device Under Test (DUT) Resolution Uncertainty
5.C.Uncertainties of Time Base Method
5.D.Uncertainty Analysis of Using a Calibrated Stopwatch to Calibrate Another Device
5.E.Adequacy of Calibration Method to Meet the Required Uncertainty

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