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Fluid Power


by Filed under Mechanical engineering

Fluid Power


File : pdf, 4.4 MB, 248 pages


1. Introduction To Fluid Power
Advantages Of Fluid Power
States Of Matter

2. Forces In Liquids
Pressure And Force
Transmission Of Forces Through Liquids
Liquids In Motion
Volume And Velocity Of Flow
Volume Of Flow And Speed
Streamline And Turbulent Flow
Factors Involved In Flow
Relationship Of Force, Pressure, And Head
Operation Of Hydraulic Components

3. Hydraulic Fluids
Lubricating Power
Chemical Stability
Types Of Hydraulic Fluids
Petroleum-Based Fluids
Synthetic Fire-Resistant Fluids
Phosphate Ester Fluid Safety
Water-Based Fire-Resistant Fluids

Hydraulic Fluid Sampling

4. Pumps
Classification Of Pumps
Rotary Pumps
Gear Pumps
Screw Pump
Reciprocating Pumps
Hand Pumps
Piston Pumps

5. Fluid Lines And Fittings
Pipes And Tubing
Flexible Hose
Types Of Fittings And Connectors

6. Valves

Flow Control Valves
Hydraulic And Pneumatic Globe Valves
Pressure Control Valves
Directional Control Valves

7. Sealing Devices And Materials
Seal Materials
Cork And Rubber

Types Of Seals
Backup Rings
U-Cups And U-Packings
Dirt Exclusion Seals (Wipers And Scrapers)
Storage Of Seals

8. Measurement And Pressure Control Devices
Pressure Gauges
Temperature-Measuring Instrument
Temperature Switches
Gauge Snubbers

9. Reservoirs, Strainers, Filters, And Accumulators

Nonpressurized Reservoirs
Pressurized Reservoirs

Piston-Type Accumulators
Bladder-Type Accumulators
Direct-Contact Gas-To-Fluid Accumulators
Diaphragm Accumulators


10. Actuators

Piston-Type Cylinders
Rack-And-Pinion Piston-Type Rotary Actuators
Gear-Type Motors
Vane-Type Motors
Piston-Type Motors

Reaction Turbine
Impulse Turbine

11. Pneumatics
Characteristics Of Gases

Compressibility And Expansion Of Gases
Kinetic Theory Of Gases
Boyle’s Law
General Gas Law
Compressed Air

Contamination Control

12. Basic Diagrams And Systems
Fluid Power Systems
Hydraulic Power Drive System
Jet Blast Deflectors

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