Handbook of Formulae and Physical Constants

Handbook of Formulae and Physical Constants


File : pdf, 4 MB, 56 pages

SI Multiples
Basic Units (distance, area, volume, mass, density)
Mathematical Formulae

Applied Mechanics
Velocity, Acceleration
Tangential, Centripetal and Total Acceleration
Newton’s Second Law of Motion
Torque, Momentum, Kinetics Energy
Thermal Energy, Power, Pressure
Pendulum, Lifting Machines, Brake Power
Torsion Equation, Bending Equation

Fundamental Energy,
Temperature, Heat, Gas Laws
Heat Transfer
Thermal Expansion
Chemical Heating Value of a Fuel
Theoretical (Stoichiometric) Air Required to Burn Fuel
Air Supplied from Analysis of Flue Gases
Boiler Formulae

Fluid Mechanics
Discharge from an Orifice
Bernoulli’s Theory
Loss of Head in Pipes Due to Friction

Ohm’s Law
Conductor Resistivity
Dynamo Formulae
Alternating Current
Inductive, Capacitive Reactance
Current, Power
Three Phase Alternators

Periodic Table
Useful Data
Interest Formulas and Tables

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