Pro/E (Pro/Engineer) CAD/CAE/CAM Wildfire 2.0 Tutorials

by Dr. Zuomin Dong (

File : pdf, 3.98 MB, 101 pages


1 About the Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0 Tutorial
1.1 What is Pro/ENGINEER®?
1.2 Conventions Used in this Tutorial
1.3 About this Tutorial

2 Introduction to Pro/E WILDFIRE
2.1 Starting Pro/E
2.2 Mouse Functions
2.3 Begin to work in Pro/E

3 Modeling a Complete Part
3.1 Complete the Housing top
3.2 Build another extrusion: cylinder bracket
3.3 Build another extrusion: caliper bracket
3.4 Create a cylinder
3.5 Create the hole
3.6 Create the two chamfers
3.7 Create the rounds
3.8 Create the two slides
3.9 Clean your directory

4 Creating a 2-D Engineering Drawing
4.1 Insert views
4.2 Add dimensions
4.3 Other Useful Features

5 Creating the Disk-Brake Assembly
5.1 Six Common Assembly Constraints
5.2 Build the disc-brake assembly

5.3 Add Color and Create an Exploded View
5.4 Create a Cutout View

6 Animation in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0
6.1 Background
6.2 Creating Assembly
6.3 Creating the Motion Sequence
6.4 Playing the Motion

7 Pro/Mechanica for Structural Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, and Design Optimization
7.1 Prepare the Model

7.2 Start Pro/MECHANICA
7.3 Define the FEA model

7.4 Run a static analysis
7.5 Design parameter sensitivity study

7.6 Design optimization

8 Pro/Mechanica – Standard Static Analysis
8.1 Objectives 8.2 Procedures

9 Automated CNC Tool Path and G-Code Generation for Volume Milling
9.1 Objectives 9.2 Procedures
9.3 Advanced Features

10 Definition and Machining of Free-form Surfaces in Pro/ENGINEER
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Variable Sweep Creation of Free Form Surface
10.3 More Complex Surface and Part Model
10.4 Automated Generation of CNC Tool Paths Using Pro/Manufacturing
10.5 Automated Generation of CNC Machining Program (G-Code)

11 Programming in Pro/ENGINEER

11.1 Introduction
11.2 Programming Details 11.3 An Example Part and the PROGRAM Window

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