FUNdaMENTALS of Design

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FUNdaMENTALS of Design

Topic 1: Design is a Passionate Process
Design is a Passionate Process
Design Contests
Passion LOVE to Create
Passion Focus
Deterministic Design: Play, Analytical Instinct, Reverse Engineering, Disruptive Technologies, Best

Engineering Practice, Schedules, Risk Management, Coarse-to-Fine Funnels, FRDPARRC
FRDPARRC and Funneling Example: Dinner
Design is a Series of Steps Blended Together
First Step: Resource Assessment
Second Step: Understanding the Problem (Opportunity!)
Third Step: Developing Strategies
Fourth Step: Developing Concepts
Fifth Step: Developing Modules
Sixth Step: Developing Components
Creation: Coarse-to-fine
Thought Processes: Systematic Variation, Reversal
Experimentation: Playing with Parts, Sketch Models
Experimenting: Bench Level Experiments, Bench Level Prototypes
Drawing: Motion & Force Diagrams, Sketches, Solid Models
Analysis: Scoring Sensitivity, Appropriate Analysis, Geometry, Time, & Motion, Energy, Momentum, &

Evolving Systems: Individual Thought, Group Brainstorming, Comparing Designs
Peer Review Evaluation Process (PREP)
Intellectual Property
Professional & Personal Ethics and Moral Standards
How Can You Help?
Evolution: It Never Stops

Topic 2 Study Questions
Topic 3: FUNdaMENTAL Principles
FUNdaMENTAL Principles
Newton’s Laws
Newton: Free Body Diagrams & Superposition
Conservation of Energy
Saint-Venant’s Principle: Structures, Bearings
The Golden Rectangle
Abbe’s Principle: Locating Components, Cascading Errors
Maxwell & Reciprocity: Reversal, Critical Thinking
Parallel Axis Theorem
Accuracy, Repeatability, & Resolution: Mapping
Sensitive Directions & Reference Features
Structural Loops
Exact Constraint Design
Elastically Averaged Design
Stick Figures

Topic 3 Study Questions
Topic 4: Linkages
The First Mechanism: The Lever is a 2-bar Linkage
Joints: Single Degree-of-Freedom, Multiple Degree-of-Freedom, Higher Pair Multiple Degree-of-Freedom
Kinematic Synthesis
Instant Centers
Bar Linkages
Extending Linkages
Compliant Mechanisms
Manufacturing & Robust Design
Mechanism Mania!

Topic 4 Study Questions
Topic 5: Power Transmission Elements I
Power Transmission Elements I
Pulleys: Capstans
Belts & Cables: Stress, Tension, & Center Distance, Linear Motion, Crawler Tracks, Rotary Motion,

Manufacturing & Assembl
Chains: Engineering
Wheels: Traction & Controllability, Coefficient of Friction, Size, Torque, and Contact Pressure,

Manufacturing & Mounting, Steering & Suspensions, Clutches & Differentials
Shafts: Axial Loading, Torsional Loading, Bending, Mounting & Stability, Component Attachment,

Couplings: Cheap & Easy Example

Topic 5 Study Questions
Topic 6: Power Transmission Elements II
Power Transmission Elements II 1
Screws: Leadscrews & Ballscrews, Force, Stresses, Buckling and Shaft Whip
Leadscrews: Mounting, Differential Motion, Preload, Flexibility, Contest Machine Design Example
Gears: Involutes, Gear Trains
Gear Trains: Serial Gear Train Ratios
Gears: Planetary Gear Trains
Epicyclic Drives: Gear Train Ratios
Gears: Modular Epicyclic Drives, Automotive Transmissions, Differentials, Robot Design Contest Kits, Spur

and Straight Bevel Gears, Rack & Pinion, Worm, Selection of Parameters, Accuracy, Repeatability, &

Resolution, CAD Modeling, Prototyping, Prototyping by Waterjet

Topic 6 Study Questions
Topic 7: Power Systems
Power Systems
Systems Engineering: Transmissions, “Optimal” Transmission Ratio
Electricity & Magnetism: A New Revolution
Electricity & Magnetism: FUNdaMENTAL Principles
Magnetic Circuits: Permanent Magnets, Applications, Permanent Magnet Attraction, Solenoids
Lorentz Forces
Electric Motors
Electric Motors: DC Brushed Motors
DC Brushed Motors: Gearmotors, Best Operating Region, Design Spreadsheets, Design Spreadsheet Inputs,

Motion Simulations
Gearmotors: Shaft Loading & Wire Strain Relief
Case Study: A CD Drive
Energy Supplies: Batteries
Energy Storage: Springs
Springs: Applications
Pneumatic Systems: Energy Storage, Implementation
Power Budgets
Case Study: System to Measure Gearmotor Performance

Topic 7 Study Questions
Topic 8: Structures
FUNdaMENTAL Principles
Materials: Wear, Strength & Stiffness
Layout: Introduction, Sketches, FRDPARRC, “GeekPlow” Example, Analysis & Bench Level Experiments,

Evolution & Comparison, Solid Models
Stability: Driving Over Obstacles, Slopes & Balance
Loadings: Axial, Bending, Torsion, & Shear; Structural Cross-Sections
Stiffness (1/Compliance)
Stiffness: First-Order Analysis, Analytical Methods, Energy Methods Examples, Finite Element Analysis,

Strength: 1st Order Analysis, Life, Fatigue and Stress Concentration
Laminates & Composites

Topic 8 Study Questions
Topic 9: Structural Connections & Interfaces
Structural Connections & Interfaces
Connections & Interfaces: Visualization
Connections & Interfaces: Accuracy
Structural Joints
Structural Joints: Welded
Welded Joint Case Study: Welded Sprocket and Coupling
Structural Joints: Adhesive
Structural Joints: Bolted
Bolted Joints: Mechanics, Stiffness, Bracket Case Study, Finite Element Analysis
Structural Joints: Pinned & Riveted
Structural Interfaces
Hertz Contact: Point Contact, Line Contact
Kinematic Couplings: 2D, 3D, Three-Groove Design, Compliant Mounts, Three-Tooth, 0mm Wafer Transport
Quasi-Kinematic Couplings: Details, Automotive Example
Kinematic Couplings: Servo-Controlled
Servo-Controlled Kinematic Couplings: Details
Elastic Averaging: Over-Constraint

Topic 9 Study Questions
Topic 10: Bearings
In the Beginning…
Contact Bearings: Sliding Contact
Sliding Contact: Rotary Motion, Linear Motion
Contact Bearings: Rolling Elements
Rolling Elements: Rotary Motion
Rotary Motion: “Ball Bearings”, “Roller Bearings”
Rolling Elements: Linear Motion
Linear Motion: Wheels on Rails, Ball Bushing Bearings, Linear Motion Guides
Contact Bearings: Flexural, Flexural Rolling
Non-Contact Bearings: Hydrodynamic, Aerostatic & Hydrostatic, Magnetic
Preload: Rolling Elements
Mounting: System Stiffness, Stiffness by Finite Element Analysis, Misalignment, Centers of Action,

Saint-Venant, Rotary Motion, “Ball Bearings”, Linear Motion
Loads, Lube & Life: Sliding Contact, Rolling Contact Rotary, Rolling Contact Linear
Loads, (no) Lube & Life:  Flexures
Dynamic Seals
Bearings in Systems

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