PLC Programmable Controller – Beginners Guide (OMRON)

PLC Programmable Controller – Beginners Guide (OMRON)


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1. Introduction
What is a Control System
The Role of the Programmable Controllers
Input and Output Devices
What is a Programmable Controller
Conventional Control and it’s difficulties
Disadvantages of Conventional Control Panel
PLC Panel and their advantages
Conversion of Conventional Control Circuit to PLC
A Systematic Approach of control system Design
Programmable Controller Application
Consider A Simple Project

2. System Configuration
CPM1A CPU Components
CPM2A CPU Components
Expansion I/O Unit Configuration
– Host LInk Communication
– Multi-drop Communication to Computer
– 1 to 1 PLC Communication Links
– NT Link Communication
– Programming Example 1:1 PLC Link Between 2

PCM1A Units
CPM2A Communications
Peripheral Devices
Programming Console
Sysmac Window Based Support software
Training Kit COnfiguration
PLC Electrical Wiring I/O Connection

3. Features and Function
CPM1A General
– Analog Setting Function
– Input Interrupt
– Quick Response Inputs Function
– Interval Timer Function
– High Speed Counter
CMP2A General
– Interrupt Functions
– High Speed Counter
– Pulse Output Counter
– Syncronized Pulse Control
– Analog Controls
– Quick Response Inputs Function
– Marco Function

4. Unit Specifications and Components
General Specifications
Structure of Memory Area
I/O Terminal – IR Bit Allocation
Expansion Unit for CPM1A and CPM2A
Example of I/O Allocation for CPM2A
Programming Console
Password Input
Clearing all Program

5. Window Based Programming SOftware-SYSWIN
Programming of CPM1A and CPM2A
Programming Using SYSWIN Version 3.3
– Connection to the PC
– RS232C Connector Configuration
– Installing SYSWIN Program
– SYSWIN Window
– Start Up with SYSWIN
– Programming with SYSWIN
– Saving the Project
– Transfer Program to PLC

6. Application Examples of Basic COmmands
Overview of Instructions
App #1 : Self Holding Circuit
App #2 : On Delay Circuit
Control Circuit for Packaging Machine
Drilling Control Operation
Filling/Drilling Control Operation
Overhead Crane Control of Degreasing Operation
Parts Sorting
Robot Movement Control
A Simple Sequence Control COncept
Automatic Control of Warehouse Door
Automatic Lubrication of Gear
Conveyor Belt Motor COntrol
Display Error Code of Machine to Aid In The

Tracing SOurce of THe Problem
Measuring the Life of Cutting Knife
Car Park Control

7. Useful Ladder Circuitry
1-Cycle Differentiation Circuit
Flicker Circuit
Single-shot Circuit
Long-time Timer Circuit
ON/OFF Delay Circuit
Push-on/Push-off Circuit (Binary Circuit)
Scanning Counter
COncept of IL Instruction and JMP Instruction
First-in Input Priority Circuit
Non-Lock-in Annunciator
Lock-in Annunciator

8. Installation and Wiring Considerations
PLC Power Interruptions
Installation Site Considerations
Panel/Cabinet Installation Guide
General Precautions for Wiring
Power Supply Wiring
Countermeasures For Inductive Load

9. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
The PLC Cycle
Self-diagnosis Functions
Non-fatal Errors
Fatal Errors
User-defined Errors
Programming Errors
Troubleshooting Flowcharts
Preventive Maintenance

10. Appendices

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