Javascript Basics

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by Sang Shin


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• What is and Why JavaScript?
What can a JavaScript do?

• How and Where do you place JavaScript code?
How to put a JavaScript code into an HTML page?
Where Do You Place Scripts?
Referencing External JavaScript File

• JavaScript language
JavaScript Variable
JavaScript Popup Boxes
JavaScript Language

• JavaScript functions
JavaScript Funcitons
Example: JavaScript Function

• JavaScript events
Events & Event Handlers
onload & onUnload Events
onFocus, onBlur and onChange
Example & Demo: onblur
Example & Demo: onSubmit
onMouseOver and onMouseOut

• JavaScript objects
JavaScript Built-in Objects
JavaScript Object vs. Java Object

3 Different Ways of Creating JavaScript Objects
– Creating Your Own JavaScript Objects
Option 1: Creating a Direct Instance of a JavaScript Object
Option 2: Creating a template of a JavaScript Object
Option 3: Creating it using JSON format

Associative Array
Classes, Objects, Inheritance
Functions Again

• JavaScript HTML DOM objects

Document Object: Write text to the output
Document Object: Write text with Formatting to the output
Document Object: Use getElementById()
Document Object: Use getElementsByName()
Document Object: Return the innerHTML of the first anchor in a document
Document Object: Access an item in a collection

Event Object: What are the coordinates of the cursor?
Event Object: What is the unicode of the key pressed?
Event Object: Which element was clicked?
Event Object: Which event type occurred?

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