Cathodic Protection Field Testing

Cathodic Protection Field Testing

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Chapter 1, Operation of Cathodic Protection Systems
1.1 Maintaining Cathodic Protection Systems
1.2 Close Interval Corrosion Survey
1.3 Corrosion Survey
1.4 Water Tank Calibration
1.5 Rectifier Operational Checkout
1.6 Impressed Current Anode Bed Survey
1.7 Impressed Current System Check
1.8 Galvanic Anode check
1.9 Resistance Bond Checkout
1.10 Leak Survey
1.11 Record Keeping Requirements

Chapter 2, Maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems
2.1 Maintenance of CP Systems
2.2 Troubleshooting Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems
2.3 Impressed Current System Common Problems
2.4 Troubleshooting Galvanic (Sacrificial) Cathodic Protection Systems

Chapter 3, Test Procedures
3.1 CP Test Procedures
3.2 Potential Measurement
3.3 Practical Measurement of Cathodic Protection Potentials
3.4 Structure-to-Soil Potential Limits
3.5 Cell to Cell Potential Testing Procedures
3.6 Rectifier Efficiency Testing Procedures
3.7 Dielectric Testing Procedures
3.8 Casing Testing Procedures
3.9 Testing for a Short Between Two Structures
3.10 Current Requirement Testing Procedures
3.11 Electrolyte Resistivity Measurement
3.12 pH Testing Procedures
3.13 Calibration of IR Drop Test Span
3.14 Interference Testing Procedures

1.1 Using Data Logger for Close Interval Survey
1.2 Using Pipe Locator to Make Measurements Directly Over Pipeline
1.3 Synchronizing Current Interrupters
1.4 Measuring Rectifier Output Voltage
1.5 Measuring Rectifier Output Current
1.6 Measuring Potential of Galvanic Anode
1.7 Measuring Output Current of Galvanic Anode
2.1 Using Induction Method to Locate Anodes
2.2 Measuring AC Voltage at Rectifier Taps
2.3 Verifying Continuity of Fuse
2.4 Performing Diode Check on Rectifier
2.5 Checking Potentials on Installed Dielectrics
3.1 Taking a Potential Measurement with a High Input Impedance Digital Voltmeter
3.2 Using Water to Lower Contact Resistance
3.3 Using a Radio Frequency Tester
3.4 Taking Potentials to Test Installed Dielectric
3.5 Resistivity Testing Meters, Nilsson Model 400, Vibroground Model 263 and Model 293
3.6 Using Four Pin Method to Measure Soil Resistivity

1.1 Close Interval Survey Potential Measurement Requirements
1.2 Close Interval Survey Component Test Requirements
1.3 Corrosion Survey Potential Measurement Requirements
1.4 Corrosion Survey Component Test Requirements
1.5 Recommended Over the Anode Intervals for the Impressed Current Anode Bed Survey
2.1 Shunt Multiplication Factors
2.2 Troubleshooting Impressed Current CP Systems
3.1 “On” Potential and Coating Damage
3.2 4-Pin Soil Resistivity Measurement Reading Multipliers
3.3 Barnes Method of Estimating Soil Resistivity Layers
3.4 Estimated Resistance of Steel Pipelines

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