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Switchgear and Relaying


by Filed under Electrical engineering

Switchgear and Relaying


File : pdf, 3.5 MB, 68 pages


1. Sources of criteria

2. Medium and High-voltage Switchgear
2.1 Medium and High-voltage Classes
2.2 Circuit-Interupting Devices
2.2.1 Circuit Breakers VOltage Rating Insulation Level Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Frequency
2.2.2 Reclosers and Sectionalizers
2.2.3 Power Fuses
2.2.4 Load-Break Switches
2.3 Circuit-Isolating Devices
2.3.1 Locations
2.3.2 Rating
2.3.3 Type
2.3.4 Selection
2.4 Protection Devices
2.4.1 Surge Study
2.4.2 Traveling Waves
2.4.3 Equipment Selection
2.4.4 Coordination

3. Low-Voltage Switchgear and Distribution Equipment
3.1 Circuit-Interupting Devices
3.1.1 Circuit Breakers
3.1.2 Switches
3.1.3 Fuses
3.1.4 Protection Devices
3.2 Grouped Devices
3.2.1 Switchboards
3.2.2 Power Distribution Panelboards
3.2.3 Branch-Circuit Panelboards
3.3 Busways
3.3.1 Rating
3.3.2 Duty
3.3.3 Voltage Drop
3.3.4 Selection
3.4 System Corrective Equipment
3.4.1 Voltage Regulation
3.4.2 Power Factor
3.5 Current-Converting Equipment
3.5.1 Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers
3.5.2 Grid-Controlled (Mercury-Arc) Rectifiers
3.5.3 Metallic Rectifiers
3.5.4 Rotating Equipment
3.6 Metering

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Fault Study
4.3 Fault Detection
4.4 Selectivity
4.5 Overlapping of Protective Zones
4.6 Coordination with Utility Company
4.7 Adaptability to Future Expansion
4.8 Method of Tripping Circuit Breakers
4.9 Instrument Transformers
4.10 Device Numbers and Functions
4.11 Relaying of Distribution Lines
4.11.1 Overcurrent Relaying
4.11.2 Directional Overcurrent Relaying
4.12 Protection of Power Transformers
4.12.1 Utilization Voltage Transformers
4.12.2 Distribution Voltage Transformers
4.12.3 Protection of Transformer Internal Faults
4.12.4 Requirements for Differential Relays
4.12.5 Additional Requirement for Differential Relaying
4.12.6 Miscellaneous Requirements
4.13 Protection of AC Machines
4.14 Protection of Switchgear
4.14.1 General Considerations in Bus Differential Relaying
4.14.2 Forms of Bus Differential Relaying
4.14.3 Ground Detectors Operating an Alarm
4.14.4 Unacceptable Systems
4.14.5 Cascading
4.15 Relaying of Subtransmission Lines
4.15.1 Types of Relays
4.15.2 Pilot-Wire System Requrirements

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  11. Mr Engineer says:

    Sir/To all staff, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge by some form of helping practioner engineers. It would be so easily also to understand if you can provide us Tutorial Videos, like, Power System, Protection Coordination, Testing and Commissioning,etc. Again Thanks

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