Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical Investigations

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Scope of Investigations
Section I
Civil Works Projects
Reconnaissance and Feasibility Studies
Preconstruction Engineering and Design Studies
Construction Activities
Section II
Military Construction Projects
Preconcept and Site Selection Studies
Concept Studies
Final Design Studies
Construction Activities

Chapter 3 Regional Geologic and Site Reconnaissance Investigations
Section I
Coordination and Information Collection
Interagency Coordination and Cooperation
Survey of Available Information
Section II
Map Studies and Remote Sensing Methods
Map Studies
Remote Sensing Methods
Section III
Field Reconnaissance and Observations
Field Reconnaissance
Section IV
Information Development

Chapter 4 Surface Investigations
Section I
Geologic Field Mapping
Areal Mapping
Site Mapping
Construction Mapping
Section II
Surface Geophysical Explorations

Chapter 5 Subsurface Investigations
Location of Investigations
Protection of the Environment
Section I
Major Uses
Boring and Sampling Methods
Drilling in Embankments
Section II
Drillhole Inspection and Logging
Soil Identification and Description
Core Logging
Drilling Log Form and the Boring Log Data Management Program
Section III
Borehole Examination and Testing
Borehole Geophysical Testing
Borehole Viewing and Photography
Borehole Camera and Borescope
Borehole TV Camera and Sonic Imagery
Alinement Surveys
Section IV
Exploratory Excavations
Test Pits and Trenches
Calyx Hole Method
Section V
Groundwater and Foundation Seepage Studies
General Investigation
Permeability Testing
Pressure Tests
Section VI
In Situ Testing for Determining Geotechnical Properties
In Situ Testing
In Situ Tests to Determine Shear Strength
Tests to Determine In Situ Stress
Tests to Determine In Situ Deformation
Determination of Dynamic Moduli by Seismic Methods
Section VII
Backfilling of Holes and Disposition of Samples and Cores
Backfilling Boreholes and Exploratory Excavations
Disposition of Soil Samples
Disposition of Rock Cores

Chapter 6 Large-scale, Prototype Investigations
Prototype Test Programs
Section I
Test Excavation and Fills
Test Quarries
Exploratory Tunnels
Test Fills and Trial Embankments
Section II
Test Grouting
Test Grouting Practices
Test Grouting Program
Record Keeping
Section III
Piling Investigations
Piling Investigation Benefits
Driving Records
Load Testing

Chapter 7 Laboratory Investigations
Test and Sample Selection
Needs for Test and Sample Selection
Section II
Index and Classification Tests
Section III
Engineering Property Tests – Soils
Engineering Property Tests – Rock
Section V
Engineering Property Tests – Shales and Moisture-Sensitive Rocks
Index Testing
Swelling Properties

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