Design of Coastal Revetments, Seawalls, and Bulkheads

Design of Coastal Revetments, Seawalls, and Bulkheads

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1 Introduction

2 Functional Design
Shoreline Use
Shoreline Form and Composition
Seasonal Variations of Shoreline Profiles
Design Conditions for Protective Measures
Design Water Levels
Design Wave Estimation
Wave Height and Period Variability and Significant Waves
Wave Gauges and Visual Observations
Wave Hindcasts
Wave Forecasts
Breaking Waves
Height of Protection
Wave Runup
Wave Overtopping
Stability and Flexibility
Armor Unit Stability
Layer Thickness
Reserve Stability
Toe Protection
Flank Protection
Freeze-Thaw Cycles
Marine Borer Activity
Ultraviolet Light
Vandalism and Theft
Geotechnical Considerations
Wave Forces
Impact Forces
Ice Forces
Hydraulic Model Tests
Two-Dimensional Models
Three-Dimensional Models
Previous Tests

3 Revetments
Armor Types
Design Procedure Checklist

4 Seawalls
Concrete Seawalls
Rubble-Mound Seawalls
Design Procedure Checklist

5 Bulkheads
Structural Forms
Design Procedure Checklist

6 Environmental Impacts
Physical Impacts
Water Quality Impacts
Biological Impacts
Short-term Impacts
Long-term Impacts
Socioeconomic and Cultural Impacts
Evaluation of Alternatives

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