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Lecture Notes of Component Design


by Filed under Mechanical engineering

Lecture Notes of Component Design



by Prof. Lawrence E. Carlson
Contents : lectures, assignment, question, workshop and solutions

Lecture Topics :

Course introduction
Factor of safety
Shear, bearing & tearout
Bending stress
Beam deflection, torsion
Combined stresses Spring rates
Static failure theories
Fatigue failure
Stress concentrations
Fluctuating load fatigue
Shafts – intro
Shaft vibration, couplings


Spur gears
Gear trains
Spur gear design
Other gears
Threaded fasteners
Fatigue of fasteners
Fastener groups, welding
Clutches & brakes
Design for Manufacturability
Final exam review

Workshop :

1-Tensile rod design
2-Mohr’s circles
3-Eccentric pin joint
4-Hollow shaft bending
5-Beam deflection
6-Combined stresses
7-Compressive members
8-Static factor of safety
9-Fatigue strength
10-Stress concentrations
11-Fluctuating stress
12-Shaft key factor of safety
13-Shaft design (fatigue)
14-Ball bearing selection
15-Compression spring
16-Spring fatigue
17-Gearing basics
18-Truck transmission
19-Planetary gears
20-Bevel gears
21-Fastener stiffness
22-Fastener fatigue
23-Welded connections
24-Disk clutch design

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