Electric Power Transfer Capability: Concepts, Applications, Sensitivity and Uncertainty – Tutorials

Electric Power Transfer Capability: Concepts, Applications, Sensitivity and Uncertainty – Tutorials



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1 Introduction
1.1 Summary
1.2 General motivation
1.3 A simplified transfer capability calculation
1.4 AC load flow example using calculator
1.4.1 Getting started on the calculator
1.4.2 Quickly computing changes to transfer capability
1.4.3 Transfer capability depends on assumptions
1.4.4 Interactions between transfers
1.4.5 6 bus system
1.4.6 39 bus system
1.4.7 NYISO 3357 bus system
1.4.8 Concluding comments
1.5 DC load flow example

2 Transfer capability
2.1 Purpose of transfer capability computations
2.1.1 Transfer capability and power system security
2.1.2 Transfer capability and market forecasting
2.1.3 Transfer capability and electricity markets
2.2 Bilateral markets
2.3 Overview of transfer capability computation
2.4 Generic transfer capability
2.5 Continuation methods
2.6 Optimal power flow approaches
2.7 Linear methods

3 Sensitivit y of transfer capability
3.1 Explanations of sensitivity
3.2 Sensitivities in DC load flow
3.3 Estimating interactions between transfers
3.4 Fast formula for sensitivity and 3357 bus example

4 Applications
4.1 Available transfer capability
4.2 The economics of power markets and the Poolco model
4.3 Nodal prices/Poolco
4.4 Planning
4.5 Market redispatch
4.6 Summary of paper by Corniere et al
4.7 Background survey of security and optimization

5 Quantifying transmission reliability margin
5.1 TRMand ATC
5.2 Quantifying TRM with a formula
5.3 Sources of uncertainty
5.4 Simulation test results
5.5 Probabilistic transfer capacity
5.6 Conclusions

6 Uncertainty, probabilistic modeling and optimization
6.1 Temperature uncertainty and load response modeling
6.2 Sample calculation in IEEE 39 bus system
6.3 Extensions to flowgates and general random injection variation
6.4 Background on probability distributions
6.5 Probability of transmission congestion in flowgates
6.6 Numerical Example
6.7 Maximizing probabilistic power transfers
6.8 Numerical Example
6.9 Stochastic optimal power flow

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