Electrical Safety Field Guide

Electrical Safety Field Guide



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Chapt 1  Electrical Hazards and Mishaps
1-1  Scope
1-2  Reminder of Electrical Hazards in the Field

1-3  Mishap Handling

Chapt 2  Worker/Crew Responsibilities
2-1  Levels of Responsibility
2-2  Electrical Work Qualifications
2-3  Safety Observances
2-4  Compliance with Safety Rules

Chapt 3  Presite Safety Management
3-1  Work Area Aspects Affecting Safety
3-2  Electrical Aspects Affecting Safety
3-3  Verifying System and Equipment Provisions

Chapt 4  Personal Protective Equipment
4-1  General Body Protection
4-2  Additional Worker Protection for Pole/Tree Climbing and for Fall Protection

Chapt 5  Work Area Protective Equipment
5-1  Temporary Protective Electrical Insulation
5-2  Energy Hazard Detection

Chapt 6  De-Energized Line Clearance
6-1  Safe Clearance Procedures
6-2  Lockout/tagout/tryout Instructions
6-3  Hazardous Energy Elimination

Chapt 7  De-Energized Line Grounding
7-1  Grounding Provision
7-2  Why Temporary Grounds are Necessary
7-3  Equipotential (Single Point) Grounding
7-4  Placement of Grounds
7-5  Temporary Grounding System Components
7-6  Temporary Grounding of Aerial Lines
7-7  Temporary Grounding of Substation Current-Carrying Equipment Components
7-8  Aerial Lift Truck Vehicle Grounding
7-9  Temporary Grounding of Underground Lines
7-10 Opening or Splicing De-Energized Conductors
7-11 Grounding for Stringing and Removing Lines

Chapt 8  Energized Line Work
8-1  Normal Work Methods
8-2  Permitted Energized Line Work Methods
8-3  Voltage Levels and Approved Work Methods and Equipment
8-4  Prework Procedures
8-5  General Job-in-Progress Procedures

Chapt 9  Substations and Switchgear
9-1  Safety Precautions
9-2  Major Equipment Hazards and Safety

Chapt 10  Aerial Lines
10-1 Safety Precautions
10-2 Climbing and Working on Poles
10-3 Aerial Rope Use

Chapt 11  Underground Lines
11-1 Safety Precautions
11-2 Underground Structure Precautions
11-3 Work in Underground Structures

Chapt 12   Shore-to-Ship Electrical Connection
12-1  Safety Precautions
12-2  Responsibilities
12-3  Distribution Systems
12-4  Substation Assemblies
12-5  Outlet Assemblies
12-6  Cables
12-7  Circuit Arrangements
12-8  Connection/Disconnection

Chapt 13  Electrical Worker Rescue
13-1 Rescue Needs
13-2 Pole-Top Rescue
13-3 Rescue from a Manhole
13-4 Aerial Lift Rescue

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