Materials Testing

Materials Testing

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Chapter 1. Materials  Testing  Overview

Chapter 2. Soils
Classification, Exploration, and Field Identification
Soil Surveys and Sampling
Sieve Analysis
Specific Gravity Test
Hydrometer Analysis
Combined Mechanical Analysis
Moisture Content Testing
Liquid and Plastic Limits
Compaction Test
Density Determination
California Bearing Ratio Test
Plate Bearing Test
Unconfined Compression Test
Technical Soils Report

Chapter 3. Bituminous  Mixtures
Description of Bituminous Materials
Sampling Materials
Field Identification
Tests on Bitumens
Tests on Aggregate and Fillers
Bituminous Mix Design
Plant Control

Chapter 4. Concrete
Characteristics and Behavior
Aggregate Testing
Identification of Cements
Proportioning of Mixes
Flexural Strength Test (Modulus of Rupture)
Compressive Strength Test

Chapter 5. Soil Stabilization
Mechanics of Stabilization
Type  and Amount of Stabilizing Agent

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  1. TIN TUN

    I am geotechnical engineer and everyday I am searching technical documents from the google search engine. Thank a lot for your free download for material testing.


  2. Rich Soto

    I have materials lab equipment for sale. Does your magazine have a classifed add section? Equipment for sale: aggregate: Specific Gravity, coarse shaker, fine shaker, de-airator, Concrete: Forney FT-40 compression strength, portable moist room with controller (8’x10x8′). Steel: Wilhelm Skidmore- high strength bolt tester, Panametrics untrasonic flaw detector.
    Please let me know how to place an add.

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