Robotics and Intelligent Systems – Lecture Notes

Robotics and Intelligent Systems

by Robert F. Stengel,  Princeton University


1: Overview and Preliminaries
2: Articulated Robots
3: Coordinates and Transformations
4: Rigid-Body Dynamics
5: Mobile Robots, Personal Assistance, and Games
6: Dynamic Systems
7: Sensors and Actuators
8: Dynamic Effects of Feedback Control
9: Analog and Digital Control
10: Introduction to Optimization
11: Deterministic Optimal Control
12: Least-Squares Estimation and Numerical Optimization
13: Monte Carlo and Evolutionary Algorithms
14: Formal Logic and Computing
15: Predicate Calculus, First-Order Logic, and Fuzzy Sets
16: Probability and Statistics
17: Stochastic, Robust, and Adaptive Control
18: Classification of Data Sets
19: Introduction to Neural Networks
20: Training Neural Networks
21: Machine Learning
22: Knowledge Representation
23: Task Planning and Multi-Agent Systems

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