Aviation – Flight Instrument Procedures Handbook

FAA flight instrument procedure

Chapter 1 — IFR Operations in the National Airspace System
Brief History of the National Airspace System
System Safety
System Capacity
Takeoffs and Landings
Air Traffic Control System Command Center
How the System Components Work Together
ATC Facilities
Flight Plans
Managing Safety and Capacity
System Design
Application of Area Navigation
Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums
FAA Radar Systems
Equipment and Avionics
Automated Radar Terminal System
Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
Precision Approach Radar
Bright Radar Indicator Terminal Equipment
Radar Coverage
Data Link
Avionics and Instrumentation
Flight Management System
Electronic Flight Information System
Navigation Systems
Surveillance Systems
Operational Tools
Disseminating Aeronautical Information

Chapter 2 — Takeoffs and Departures
Safety in the Departure Environment
Surface Movement Safety
Airport Sketches and Diagrams
Airport/Facility Directory
Surface Movement Guidance Control System
Airport Signage/Lighting/Markings
Runway Incursions
Takeoff Minimums
Takeoff Minimums for Commercial Operators
Operations Specifications
Ceiling and Visibility Requirements
IFR Alternate Requirements
Alternate Minimums for Commercial Operators
Departure Procedures

Chapter 3 — En Route Operations
En Route Navigation
Air Route Traffic Control Centers
Preferred IFR Routes
Substitute En Route Flight Procedures
Tower En Route Control
Airway and Route System
IFR En Route Altitudes
Reporting Procedures
Nonradar Position Reports
Communication Failure
Climbing and Descending En Route
Holding Procedures
Fuel State Awareness
Diversion Procedures
En Route RNAV Procedures

Chapter 4 — Arrivals
Transition From En Route
Present Position Direct
Radar Vectors to Final Approach Course
High Performance Airplane Arrivals
Controlled Flight into Terrain
Arrival Navigation Concepts
Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
Interpreting the STAR
Vertical Navigation Planning
Arrival Procedures
Preparing for the Arrival
Reviewing the Approach
Special Airport Qualification

Chapter 5 — Approaches
Approach Planning
Weather Sources
Regulatory Requirements
Part 91 Operators
Part 135 Operators
Part 121 Operators
Airplane Performance Operating Limitations
Approach Speed and Category
Approach Chart Formats
Approach Chart Naming Conventions
Air Route Traffic Control Center
Instrument Approach Procedure Briefing
Navigation and Communication Radios
Flight Management Systems
Autopilot Modes
Stabilized Approach
Descent Rates and Glidepaths for Nonprecision Approaches
Transition to Visual
Missed Approach
Example Approach Briefing
Instrument Approach Procedure Segments
Approach Clearance
Vectors to Final Approach Course
Nonradar Environment
Types of Approaches
Visual and Contact Approaches
RNAV Approaches
Terminal Arrival Areas
RNAV Final Approach Design Criteria
GPS Overlay of Nonprecision Approach
GPS Stand-Alone/RNAV (GPS) Approach
RNAV (GPS) Approach Using WAAS
ILS Approaches
Microwave Landing System
VOR Approach
NDB Approach
Radar Approaches
Simplified Directional Facility

Chapter 6 — System Improvement Plans
Fleet Improvement
Electronic Flight Bag
Increasing Capacity and Safety
Reducing En Route Congestion
Matching Airspace Design to Demands
Reducing Voice Communication
Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
Reducing Vertical Separation
Reducing Horizontal Separation
Direct Routing
Accommodating User Preferred Routing
Improving Access to Special Use Airspace
Handling En Route Severe Weather
National Route Program
Developing Technology

Chapter 7 — Helicopter Instrument Procedures
Helicopter IFR Certification
Flight and Navigation Equipment
Miscellaneous Requirements
Stabilization and Automatic Flight Control System
Helicopter Flight Manual Limitations
Operations Specifications
Minimum Equipment List
Pilot Proficiency
Helicopter VFR Minimums
Helicopter IFR Takeoff Minimums
Helicopter IFR Alternates
Part 91 Operators
Part 135 Operators
Helicopter Instrument Approaches
Standard Instrument Approach Procedures to an Airport
Copter Only Approaches to an Airport or Heliport
Copter GPS Approaches to an Airport or Heliport
Helicopter Approaches to VFR Heliports
Approach to a Point-in-Space
Approach to a Specific VFR Heliport
Inadvertent IMC
IFR Heliports

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