Lecture Notes on “Scientific Computing with MATLAB”

Lecture Notes on “Scientific Computing with MATLAB”

1. Introduction into MATLAB computing
* Computations of variables and arrays (vectors)
* Branch statements and loops
* Mathematical functions and M-files
* Reading and writing operations
* Plotting operations and MATLAB graphics
* Errors of MATLAB numerical computations

2. Matrix computations and MATLAB linear algebra
* Two-dimensional arrays (matrices) and matrix operations
* Block and band matrices, structures and cells
* MATLAB linear algebra
* Ill-conditioned and sparse matrices
* Plotting of functions of two variables

3. Numerical algorithms with MATLAB
* Polynomials and polynomial interpolation
* Least square curve fitting
* Piecewise polynomial interpolation
* Trigonometric interpolation
* Two-dimensional interpolation and errors of interpolating polynomials

4. Mathematical modeling with MATLAB
* Finite difference approximations for numerical derivatives
* Summation rules for numerical integration
* Initial-value problems for differential equations
* Root finding algorithms and minimization problems

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