VLSI Course Notes

VLSI Course Notes

Contents :

Lecture 1 Introduction & Outline
2     Process and Tools Overview
3     Magic Layout Intro, Elementary Gates
4     Heirarchy; Simulation Intro
5     Adders, Layout Techniques
6     Control Structures; Sequential Machines
7     All About MOSFETS
8     FET Parasitics
9     Fet Characteristics -> Circuit Behavior
10     Tau Model, Buffer Chains
11     IRSIM techniques
12     Power, Margins, Noise
13     Other Logic Styles
14     Clocking
Lec. 14 Addendum The SECS electrical rule checker
15     Latches
16     Flip Flops, Failure Mechanisms
17     Guest : Corporate IC Design
18     Memory Cells
19     More on SRAMs
20     The Verilog Hardware Description Language
21     Analog CMOS
22     Adders Revisited
23     Guest : Metastability
24     I/O pads, ESD, High Speed Signaling

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