HVAC Systems and Nuclear Plant Safety

HVAC Systems & Nuclear Plant Safety


The primary objective of this study was to provide perspective on the overall risk impact of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems problems. Industry experience with HVAC systems problems is documented and analyzed. In addition, the results of 10 plant-specific probabilistic risk assessments (PRA) were reviewed to determine the contribution of HVAC systems to the risk of core damage. The PRA included in this review cover a broad range of plant types and operating conditions. The review found that the impact of HVAC systems on risk is plant specific. These results exhibit a broad range of frequencies for HVAC contribution to risk, and the percentage of total core damage due to HVAC problems also had a wide variability. Plant-specific differences in design, environment, operation, and maintenance are the primary factors in determining the risk contribution of HVAC systems.


1. Introduction and summary

2. Industry experience with HVAC systems

3. Review of plant-specific PRA studies

4. Findings

5. Observations

6. References

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