Foundation Settlement Analysis

Foundation Settlement Analysis


1. INtroduction

2. Analysis and Design Methods
2.2 Desirable Attributes of Practical Analysis and Design Methods
2.3 Categories of Analysis and Design Methods

3. Settlement Analysis of Shallow Foundations on Clay
3.1 One-Dimensional versus Three-Dimensional Settlement Analysis
3.2 Effects of Local Yields
3.3 Case Study
3.4 Rate of Settlement
3.5 Creep and Secondary Consolidation

4. Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Sand
4.1 Previous Studies
4.2 Case Study

5. Analysis of Raft and Strip Foundations
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Subgrade Reaction versus Elastic Continuum Soil Models
5.3 The Analysis of a Raft as a Series of Strip Footings
5.4 The Effects of Structure-Foundation-Soil Interaction

6. Settlement of Pile Groups

7. The Pivotal Role of Parameter Assessment

8. Conclusions

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