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Chemical engineering


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Chemical Engineering

182 Responses to “Chemical engineering”

  1. Saravanan S says:

    Dear friends,
    Can any one of u can send the ebook on Pollution prevention fundamentals and practice.
    Saravanan S

  2. teja says:

    hi, can u please send me some chemical engineering books to my gmail i.d,pls……

  3. rani says:

    can u pls send me some important books of chemical engineering

  4. Vatsal says:

    plz…some1 add ebook of process equipment design…

  5. chemadebuk says:

    pl’s send me all txtbks on transport phenomena

  6. Nomer Arriola says:

    I am having a problem downloading the “Protective Coating and Paints” file, anybody can help me? Thank you so much.

  7. vinay says:

    i need the ebook of process modelling and simulation by r.w.gaikwad asap..
    kindly mail me at

  8. Aturo says:

    Can I have the ebook on Transport Processes and Seperation priciples,please?

  9. abhay says:

    can someone please mail me or share a link for free download of Chemical Process Industries by Shreve and Chemical Process Technology by Dryden. pls mail @

  10. Mustapha Y. says:

    i like your site. pls could you help me with some chemical engineering books?

  11. Ryan says:

    i kindly request Transport Phenomena by Bird and Basic Principles and Calculation in Chemical Engineering by Himmelblau. U can send those links into my email
    Thanks a lot :D

  12. franca says:

    u r doin a great job.pls i need ebooks on solving calculations in chemical can b forwarded 2

  13. Sebati says:

    Hello everyone. I am soliciting your help because I am going to go enter in to an undergraduate program for Chemical Engineering at a state school. I would like to get a jump on classes ahead of me by reading as many key text books as I can before I start by fall of 2012. Please, anyone, send me a list of books that you think would help me out. I am a beginner but I am very proficient at math, physics, bio and chem. Thank you!

  14. rafique abdullah says:

    plz send me book on chemical process industry

  15. kalpana says:

    plz sameone add ebook of chemical reaction engineering

  16. Vinay says:

    dear all,

    requested to if anyone have the book of chemical plant and equipment design by any author,pls mail me to this

  17. Nauman says:

    any one having book on instruments calibration,kindly send me to this

  18. ola says:

    Please send me some good ebooks on calculations in chemical email is:

  19. jyothi says:

    hai, If anybody having the books basic priciples and chemical calculations by himmelblau, David riggs solution manual and chemical engineering thermodynamics by smith and vaniss. pls let me know..

  20. Abdel says:

    am lloking for free hydrogeochemistry papers, books and chapters (even ppt)
    many thanks

  21. khaja says:


  22. ankesh says:

    plz send me process modelling and simulation r.w.gaikawad book on my email id

  23. Amit garg says:

    Please send me book : Dryden’s outlines of Chemical Technology…. on my mail id


    plz help me .. i need all books of 3rd semester for chemical engg.. like I.C.C. ,Heat & Transfer ,Fluid Flow ,Mechanical Operation ,I.P.E…. plz help me , my exams are nearly………..

  25. anu says:

    pls pls its urgent..can someone send me e-buk of “outlines of chemical technology by dryden”

  26. pratik panchal says:

    please tell me the best chemical engineering magazine.
    link for download the free chemical engineering software.

  27. Joseph c says:

    Please u send me some good books on calculation in chemical engineering my email is

  28. Asif says:

    please send me mcketta encylopedia of chemical engineering…

  29. Faye says:

    Do you have Principles of Unit Operations by Foust Can you please send it to my e-mail.

  30. Bharat Bhatt says:

    I want the book titled ‘Chemical Engineering Design: Principles, Practice and Economics of Plant and Process Design, 2nd Edition, by Towller and Sinnot

  31. Manoj says:

    i need optimization of chemical process..please send me lik…i wnt to buy an used 1..

  32. jina says:

    hi by any chance did you receive himmelblau and riggs basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering 7th the ebook (not the solution manual) if so could you plz send it to me at

  33. SEMERE says:


  34. rehman uddin says:

    i need books of stoichometry, plz send me.

  35. ashitosh says:

    i required IOM of o p khanna ,
    and Drydens outlines of chem engg
    plz send me.this books

  36. vahid says:

    hi.I required cfd journals about mix tank

  37. bora says:

    can u send me the link for “outline of chemical technology’ by Dryden

  38. kaushik says:

    I need chemical reaction engineering-1..
    Will you help me plz??

  39. Rajini.S says:

    hi can anyone suggest which book is better for seperation process and CRE-2 asap…………pls……….if possible can anyone upload???

  40. sreekanth says:

    plz plz plz any one send electcrical engineering books my email is

  41. Javaid Hussain says:

    plz upload solution manual for principles of chemical reaction engineering by octave levenspiel.
    Make sure it contains solutions of all the unsolved problems.

  42. shyam says:

    Could you send me the link to Perry’s hand book, Coulson n Richardson Vol 1-6, process modelling and simulation r.w.gaikawad.

  43. Animesh says:

    I need heat transfer and mass transfer by rk rajput.

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