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  1. Shiva

    Please provide IDC Technologies course e-books

    For Instrumentation IDC Technologies have specialized training material as follows

    1)Analytical Instrumentation
    2)Practical Alarm Management for Engineers and Technicians
    3)Practical Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for Automation and Process Control
    4)Batch Management & Control (Including S88)
    5)Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
    6)Data Acquisition using Personal Computers
    7)Electrical & Instrumentation Drawings
    8)Industrial Flow Measurement
    9)Hazops, Trips and Alarms
    10)Hazardous Areas
    11)Instrumentation for Automation
    12)Intrinsic Safety
    13)Tuning of Industrial Control Loops
    14)Motion Control
    15)Practical Fundamentals of OPC
    16)Process Control
    17)Industrial Programming using 61131-3 for PLCs
    18)Practical SCADA for Industry
    19)Practical Safety Instrumentation and Shut-down Systems for Industry Using IEC61508
    20)E-Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
    21)Practical Safety Instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown Systems for Process Industries
    22)Practical Control Valve Sizing, Selection and Maintenance
    23)SCADA Systems for Engineers and Technicians
    24)Practical Advanced Process Control for Engineers and Technicians
    25)Practical Boiler Control and Instrumentation for Engineers and Technicians
    26)Installation, Calibration and Maintenance of Electronic Instruments
    27)Practical Troubleshooting of Data Acquisition and SCADA Systems
    28)Measurement and Control for Non-Instrument Personnel**
    29)Introduction to the Selection, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fiscal Flow and Metering Equipment
    30)Practical HAZOPS for Engineers and Technicians
    31)Practical Process Control and Tuning of Industrial Control Loops
    32)RFID Tagging – Features and Applications
    33)Practical Troubleshooting of Instrumentation, Electrical and Process Control Systems

    Please share above manual of IDC technologies if anybody have them readily

  2. shashant

    plz suggest me that which book i should purchase for industrial control for polytechnic diploma, instrumentation and control final year. The book’s cost must be below 500 rs.
    Plz suggest me very soon.

  3. Abu Huraira Munir

    This is truly one of the “Knowledge Sharing Site”.
    Please donate to it as much as you can!!!!!

  4. Nitesh ranjan

    Can any one help me in searching of instrumentation device and system book which contains more no. of problems so that it is useful 4 gate and other exams.

  5. Mayank Kulshreshtha

    beeing a member of project team for process Instrumentation for continuous process plant I personaly always wants valuable information for engineering / procurment / project management / safety and environment etc.. this site is realy ‘Gyaan ka Sagar (Ocean of knowledge)’ in short this is the one of the best site for free ebooks……… I am regularly improving my information.

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    Unit – Ballarpur

  6. Jazztease O'Peace

    Stumbled onto this site…and WOW!

    Have since made it my default goto library!

    Cool site!

    Well done!


  7. Farooq Saghar

    Firstly I say the special thanks to this site because this site is a best site of the world
    for improvment of knowledge.

  8. Sankar Rajeev

    Dear all,
    I am a regular user of this site because of the copious amount of knowledge base included. I thank all people responsible for this venture.
    Any how if anyone has any study material regarding the processes in different process industries, please include the same in here. I have been trying to find one for a long time.
    In case I am the one to get one first I shall definitely submit the same to this site because I know there are a lot others who could gain from it.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sankar Rajeev


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