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  1. tanmay

    Please send the following book.
    Electromagnetic Field Theory & Transmission Lines, G.S.N. Raju, Pearson Education

  2. rita

    pliz send me a link 2 the following email adress where i can access engineerinh physics books for 1st years.thank you


    please send download link via mail to download following books:

    Kharate- Digital Electronics- Oxford
    Electromagnetic Field Theory & Transmission Lines, G.S.N. Raju, Pearson Education
    De, A. K., “Environmental Chemistry”, New Age International
    A N Tripathi, Human values in the Engineering Profession, Monograph published by IIM, Calcutta 1996

    i will be highly grateful for your quick response….

  4. fagbemi

    you are the best giver of free knowledge.Keep it up the reward is in the heaven from the earth you we perceive it.

  5. aravindh

    Heat is a form of,when heat is injected into a body then the weight of the body may change or not change.But according to law of conservation energy, energy remains constant its value can not chage but transfer from one form to another form.

  6. kamal

    i want 2 know that”does a p-tye semi conductor pocess positive charge?if so why?/if not so why?
    can u please tell me the cler idea with correct explanation.

    1. bhavya

      a p type semiconductor is definitely not positively charged.
      the “p ” character is due the fact that it is “doped” with an electron deficient impurity which is usually trivalent. Now since Si can form only four bonds at a time, the electron deficient impurity now has a vacant position in its valence shell which provides a vacancy (aka a “hole”) that behaves as an “apparent positive charge” though its merely a vacancy and not a particle.
      hence the semiconductor remains neutral

    2. sphoorthi

      while doping in a p-type semi conductor holes are created due to less number of electron….due to these holes p-type semi conductor bears a positive charge

      1. hitesh

        miss sphoorti wether p-type or it is n-type semiconductor, its electrically neutral.
        sure it has available holes in it but the chemistry is neutral..
        oterwise it would be attracting paper pieces like a charged comb do.. hahaha…


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